Moving To Manchester: The Complete Relocation Guide

Feb 14 2023

Hello, our kid.

Thinking of making the move to Manchester? Well, you’re in excellent company.

Although we’re a bit biassed (being Manchester born and bred) – there are plenty of reasons why our fair city has charmed people into making their homes here.

And we love nothing more than welcoming folk from all over.

Manchester is known the world over for its substance, style, and unabashed sense of self.

We’re the birthplace of several revolutions, from the industrial to musical, political, and even a little more fashionable.

Our history spans thousands of years, starting with the Celtic Brigantes tribe, who planted their roots in the sandstone where Manchester Cathedral now proudly stands.

Since then, we’ve grown big, bigger, and better. Still keeping our close-knit heritage and rebellious spirit, Manchester is now one of the most thriving cosmopolitan cities in the UK – boasting an incredible cultural and living experience.

Liking what you’re hearing? Stick with us.

In this guide, we’ll give you the skinny on what it’s really like to up sticks and move here, touching on:

  • Is moving to Manchester actually a good idea?
  • How much money you’ll need
  • Where are the best areas to live
  • Why are people making the move
  • Is it better than London?
  • How safe is it?
  • And, most importantly – does it rain a lot here?
  • Plus much more!

So, let’s dive in.

Is moving to Manchester a good idea?

We could simply say ‘yes’ and save you a tasty read – but we’re quite a scientific bunch.

Evidentially, Manchester has one of the highest graduate retention rates in the country, with 51.5% of students deciding to make their homes here once they’ve tossed their cap and received that (expensive) bit of paper.

But it’s not just the student population who’ve gotten a taste for our way of life.

Within the last twenty years, we’ve seen the number of people making permanent moves here skyrocket. In data supplied by the National Office of Statistics, there were a whopping 552,858 people living in the city in 2019, boasting an increase of over a quarter (27.8%) from 1991.

But what’s prompting this mass exodus to Manny?

A city where the livin’ is easy (somewhat literally)

Well, our turf comes top of the class when it comes to rankings in the Global Liveability Index. Based on crucial factors such as stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure, we’ve gone from strength to strength over the last few years.

Now one of the biggest climbers in the world, Manchester has risen 26 places to 28th position out of 172 major cities surveyed.

Nice work, Cottonopolis.

So whatever you’re looking for, Manchester is a truly ‘liveable’ city. This makes sense, given that it serves up some of the best facilities and amenities available across the UK.

Highlights include:

  • award-winning museums and art galleries
  • excellent schools and universities
  • thriving public and private sectors
  • fantastic public transport networks, including railway stations, bus services and tram services throughout Greater Manchester
  • iconic cultural venues for music, dance and theatre
  • incredible shopping district, boasting indies, luxe names and high-street favourites
  • huge variety of world dining, including gourmet spots and little-less-knowns

As such, it’s become a haven for students, families, creatives, and business professionals alike, who all come together in this buzzing hive of activity.

Our city symbol is the worker bee for a reason, y’know.

So whether you’re looking to settle down with the little ones, make a bold career change or simply see what life is like on our side of the Pennines – you’re in for a treat.

How much money do you need to move to Manchester?

Let’s talk moolah.

With the cost of living at the forefront of everyone’s minds, making the move to Manchester needs to work for you and your wallet.

While we’re a British City that’s known for its value for money, especially in comparison to many places down South, figuring out how far your cash will go is a huge factor in city life.

Obviously, factors like your salary, whether you’d like to buy or rent, and where you’re planning on moving all come into play.

When it comes to housing, choosing to stay closer to the city centre is pricier than moving to areas further out across Greater Manchester, such as Oldham or Bolton.

Is living in Manchester better than London?

According to, the average house price is roughly £283,833, with the average rent coming in at 20.67% less than in London.

We’re no Carol Vorderman, but compared to prices in The Big Smoke – where a pint will set you back a whopping £6 compared to £4.50 on average – Manchester is 56% cheaper than the capital.

The same goes for crucial outgoings such as the cost of internet, the average rent, and the overall cost of living for families and those going solo, making the city a much cheaper alternative to other metropolitan hotspots.

Listen, we Mancunians aren’t a terribly materialistic lot. We usually think the best things in life are free.

But when you get to keep a little extra in your back pocket, without missing out on all the good stuff…?

Now that’s priceless.

Why are people moving to Manchester?

Listen, we could bang on until the cows come home about our bazzin* city. And to be fair, we have.

*Bazzin is a term that hodgepodges great/excellent/fantastic, which is widely used around these parts. Sprinkle it into your lexicon for added flavour.

Deemed one of the best places to live in the world by Lonely Planet, our patch of heaven (handily situated just North of the M60) has charmed people from miles around – which is a testament to our personality and pretty face. Talk about a catch, right?

Obviously, if you’re looking to make a full-time commitment to Cottonopolis, you’re going to want more than looks.

Don’t believe us? Fine. We’ll break it down for you.


Although cost-effectiveness is one of the main virtues of living here, Manchester strikes the balance of delivering excellent quality of life to a real melting pot of a population. As the most linguistically diverse place in any western European city – with up to 200 languages spoken here – we are proud to be a home away from home, wherever that may be.

Manchester also offers a breath of fresh air (literally) for those setting up shop here, boasting a wealth of green spaces. That includes thousands of acres of countryside, curated parks and historical sites, sitting on the edge of the dramatic landscape that forms the renowned Peak District National Park.

No matter what you’re looking to get from your living experience, Manchester more than has it in spades.


When you’re set to spend a whopping 84,365 hours in a lifetime hard at work, make sure it’s in a place that also works for you.

Manchester is well-suited for corporate and creative brains alike, with incredible infrastructure and investment that’s been actioned over the last decade or so. A fast-growing economy and excellent transport links make it one of the best places outside of London to work, study, and travel.

It’s no secret that we are a productive bunch – that worker bee symbolism keeps coming in strong – which is why we are proud to house entrepreneurs and business people of all kinds.

Various businesses have found their way to Manchester over the years, including the BBC, as well as a number of high-end offices located in the city centre and nearby.

So however you make a living, live it well on our turf.


Work hard, play harder.

UK nightlife aficionados know Manchester as one of the best city experiences, with plenty to see, hear and do from sun-up to moon-down.

There’s something for everyone here, whether you want to have a gourmet dinner, a drink at a top-notch wine bar, or dance the night away.

‘Madchester’ is also one of the top destinations for touring bands and is one of the world’s best places to hear live music and concerts. From jazz festivals and world music events to classical music and opera, the diversity of music available is hard to beat.

But the fun doesn’t just stop there. With an impressive gig culture, two Premier League football clubs, a thriving art and museum scene, cultivated shopping haven (including 42 traditional markets) and a marvellously preserved industrial heritage – Manchester has culture at its heart.

See, when we say there’s something for everyone, we mean it.

‘All bases covered’, and all that.

Why is Manchester so popular?

As local lads Elbow sang in the song Station Approach, “I need to be in the town where they know what I’m like and don’t mind”.

If that sounds like a bit of you, then it’s easy to see why Manchester is an incredibly popular destination for those looking to make a fresh start.

Often considered the capital of the north (sorry, Birmingham) – Manchester is the second largest metropolis in the UK outside of London.

Several of our country’s most famous recording artists – including Oasis and the Stone Roses – have been produced in Manchester, making this city one of the most rich and varied cultural places anywhere on the map.

But all that doesn’t happen overnight.

Since the late 90s, Manchester has grown into one of the best cities on British soil, mostly as a result of continuous urban regeneration and revitalisation. From here, folks of people from all over have come and made their homes here, bringing their stories and expertise from here-there-and-everywhere – making the city one of the most diverse around.

Sprouting from every inch of the place are bars, galleries, parks, world-class museums, shopping districts, music venues, and sports arenas.

Understandably, this has led to the city’s huge growth in popularity, especially among young professionals. In this area, the population has increased by over 20% in the past decade.

But why is Manchester one of the best places to go both on – and off – the clock?

Well, we think it’s because this city isn’t afraid to be itself. Manchester doesn’t fit a metropolitan mould – and that suits us fine. It’s unapologetically mad and marvellous in equal measure, which is why it’s produced some of our brightest and boldest.

We move to the beat of our own drum. And it sounds like nothing else.

Does it rain a lot in Manchester?

Manchester’s main climate can be affectionately termed as ‘baby weather’ – aka, ‘wet and windy.’

Although our climate doesn’t boast extreme weather, with mild winters and temperate summers, the city’s staples are moist and misty.

In January you can expect an average of four degrees, while July serves up a scorching 30 degrees on the Costa del Piccadilly Gardens, with winds from the west and south bringing in rainfall from those pesky Atlantic weather systems.

March through May is usually the driest (aside from our incredibly hot Augusts, as of late) with roughly 32 inches of annual rainfall occurring on just over half the days in a year on average.

Expect some overcast clouds thanks to those characterful Pennine slopes to the east reacting with moist Atlantic air, but we still see plenty of sunshine and a pleasant breeze when you need it most.

In short? It’s mixed. We do recommend investing in a good pair of galoshes.

Is Manchester a beautiful city?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lucky you.

Manchester is a sight to see come rain or shine, with traces of the 19th-century wealth accumulated during the Industrial Revolution leaving an incredible trail of architectural majesty.

From ornate fixtures and gothic structures to modern metal behemoths that almost touch the clouds (we see you, Beetham Tower) – turn your eyes to the skies and find something beautiful.

From faux Greek temples, Gothic turrets and sculpted thoroughfares, today’s shops and bars still sit in their historical finery, with the tell-tale signs of the Ship Canal Company scattered through the city.

Explore the Royal Exchange Theatre’s lofty heights or enjoy the markets outside the iconic Town Hall, designed by Alfred Waterhouse, which is deemed a masterclass in Victorian Gothic splendour.

Make your home in Manchester at KAMPUS

You’ll find us nestled away in a cobblestoned stone pathway within a neighbourhood of warm bricks, leafy greens and winding avenues.

Kampus is a haven right at the heart of Manchester city centre, offering a living experience like no other. Seriously.

Find home in one of our gorgeous Manchester apartment:

  • Minto & Turner
  • Minshull Warehouse
  • North Block
  • South Block
  • The Stack

These varied apartments are designed with you in mind, overlooking one of Manchester’s most famous winding canals and settled in the middle of a bustling community – and you’re our VIP.

Talk about Northern hospitality, right?

It’s easy to uncover secret streets, independent food and drink spots – perfect for impressing friends and family – and a dog-friendly green space.

Life’s too short not to live it your way. We give you freedom to create amazing experiences that residents can access at any time, while giving you the space to do what you do best.

How about an early morning workout? We’ve got a top-class gym for that. Craving a croissant for lunch? We serve delicious treats all day long at our on-site bakery, Pollen, to satisfy cravings for all kinds of treats.

Private cinema for bingeing with the besties? You know we have it.

Looking for a chill hang-out that showcases Manchester’s gorgeous skyline? Look no further than our private terrace, which gives you rooftop sights that are only accessible to residents – and much more.

Sound like your kind of vibe?

So if you’re looking to move to Manchester and find yourself within a real community, we’ve got the keys to unlock a living experience like no other.

Kampus is the ultimate location for life in Manchester.


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