Freedom Exhibition Stories

Aug 27 2021

We’re celebrating true stories from the LGBTQ+ community with a free and accessible audio-visual installation in our garden.

The Freedom Exhibition, curated by Heard Storytelling consists of 11 ‘living portraits’ in our neighbourhood garden. The exhibition celebrates true stories told by LGBTQ+ people, who candidly share their lived experiences on this theme in a series of audio recordings to accompany beautifully shot portraits.

Kampus sits next to the famous Canal Street in Manchester’s Gay Village and we wanted to do something special for Pride. We believe that in order to be an authentic neighbour and ally to our community, first we must start by understanding people’s lived experiences. Listening is the greatest tool we have in order to develop understanding and deepen connections, which is why we are so proud to host this exhibition.

The gallery is free to enter and no booking required. It takes place from 26th August – 27th September. All you need is a smart phone and a set of headphones. If coming down in person isn’t possible you can hear all the stories below:


Looking out at the world from the top of her favourite tree, Mina can be free from society’s labels and her health affliction and just be Mina, the climber.


How can you love another when you don’t love yourself? Stuart takes us on his journey of self-acceptance and living authentically.


A spontaneous booking to a new city in a new country is an important turning point in Jerome’s life and his journey towards freedom.


The Church created a beautiful family and loving environment for John’s formative years. However, his Christian faith also meant he had to hide away his true self, for fear of rejection.


One of the most memorable day’s of Pauline’s life is stepping out in front of a crowd of 70,000. What made it even more special was having her son by her side.


The unlikely mix of a girlfriend’s love, a dislocated ankle and a pandemic gave Leo the opportunity to fully explore who they were. How to share this with the most special people in their life, Leo’s three children?


An episode of Coronation Street changed Maria’s life forever, but not without a few major obstacles to overcome on the way.


Growing up in a Catholic family, Tony was scared to be labelled a sinner or a criminal when he started feeling attracted to men and had no idea where to turn. Directions from an unlikely source lead him towards home.


Is there a panel that decides if you’re a lesbian or not? Lizzie explores what it was like to grow up and unearth her sexuality in a pre-internet era.


Sitting down to write a letter to his future self every five years is a ritual for Alex. Reflecting on the last 10 years, he realises quite how far he’s come and learns some important lessons along the way.


Seeking help for his increasingly intrusive thoughts, Norman experienced everything from electroconvulsive therapy to aversion therapy to rid him of his attraction to men. He recounts his journey to being out and free.


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